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I love the Shea Butter. Im using it to help me reduce my Stretch-marks and also dark spots and so far so good. I also use it on my lips.


I have been using it everyday and let me tell you my stretch Marks are ENDING !!!  I’m not even kidding you! Also my hair is so nourished and not dry looking. So most definitely looking forward to purchase more.

Seesh Kamithi

I've been using it. It's been good. My skin didn't even breakout due to trying something new and my skin feels smooth.

Evah Njeri

I like the texture of the butter and how it seeps into the skin and not sit on the skin. Very Moisturising.


I have been using nut 'n' oils Organic Shea Butter for over 3 years. I find your product the best ever.

Sofia D. Megana

It does not have a smell, it is super creamy, it's like butter that melts on you. Amazing. It has been so so great so far.

Sonam Shah

Wow! My skin literally drinks this stuff up. Lately I have been prone to dry skin, so moisturiser was number one need.

Lily Nash

It is also unscented, which is important for a skin care product to be.

Hustle Goddess

The product is working magic on me. It's honestly working so well with me.

Shan Nakesa

Why nut 'n' oils...

100% Organic Shea Butter


Personal Care

Mature & Ageing Skin
Damaged & Dry Skin
Cracked Skin & Lip Care
Brittle & Damaged
Acne & Pimples

Skin Care

Effectively treat problematic skin. Shea butter is proven to heal and prevent the most common skin problems such as stretch marks, pimples, acne, wrinkles and work as an anti-agent agent.

Hair Care

Give your hair an instant boost of hydration, strength and softness when you use nuts ‘n’ oils Organic Shea Butter. It deeply moisturises and conditions dry and damaged hair.

Stretch Marks

Reduce visible stretch marks

Give your Eyes a Lift

Reduce appearance of dark circles early.

Acne & Pimple treatment

Clear your face from acne and reduce the appearance of pimples on your face.

Healing Properties

Do you suffer from dry skin, (dry hair?), acne, arthritis, dandruff’s, eczema, muscle soreness, psoriasis, rashes, wrinkled skin? Here is your answer! Shea butter has naturally occurring vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids that surely will help you with all the above.

Keep your elbows and heels fit

Apply on heels and elbow daily

Keep your Baby happy

Diaper rash, moisturiser and after shower applications

Beard & Shave treatment for men

Reduce aftershave bumps and keep your beard smooth.


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